Core values

People of action need to identify their core beliefs and hold to them with integrity, even in the face of hardship. Organizations must also have strong beliefs and strong core values.

SANY missions

Change the world with our commitment to quality

Change the world image of Chinese goods with SANY’s superior products and services Never compromise quality, the starting point of our enterprise Scrutinize our product and service quality and hold them to the highest standards Treat the product and service quality with a paranoid attitude and requirements that cannot be increased

  • Contribute to national rejuvenation
  • Help build a better life
  • Lead in enterprise best practices
  • Promote scientific and technological progress
  • Deal with human crises and challenges

SANY vision

Build first-class enterprises

  • Build first-class enterprises

To become an outstanding leader in the equipment industry

  • Foster first-class talents

To train globally-respected employees

  • Make first-class contributions

To provide more advanced production tools for human beings and change our living environment

SANY spirits

Constantly strive to become stronger Serve the country through industry

SANY style

Strive for excellence Combat inefficiencies and slow-downs

Operation principles

All for the customers All comes from innovation

Enterprise ethics

Be just and faithful Be thankful