The beautiful Southern Africa has long been a strategic market for Sany. Its regional head office was registered in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2006, which covers the business in South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and so on. The well-established sales and service networks are in place to support the 3,000 units of Sany equipment operating in the region, which is first among all Chinese brands.

South Africa: The beautiful “Rainbow Nation” and “Engine of the African Economy” is in a comprehensive strategic partnership with China. More than 50 units of Sany equipment worked on the construction site of Kusile Power Station, the largest of its kind in South Africa. The Sany 750t and 630t crawler cranes stood out from their competitors and were chosen to tackle the most challenging and critical hoisting work. They are the largest-ever Chinese cranes supplied to the region. Nearly 200 units of Sany port equipment are working at the seaports and depots across South Africa, out of which 70 units are servicing Transnet. A perfect epitome of the client’s recognition of the quality of Sany products and service. Besides those, 500 units of Sany equipment are active at work across the agriculture, construction and mining industries. Behind these, it’s the 300 diligent employees from the 12 branches of Sany’s three dealers in South Africa.

Zambia: The first country in the region to establish diplomatic ties with China. The Tanzara Railway bears witness to the historic friendship between the two nations. After years of hard work, Sany has made its reputation of being a leading brand in the industry. World-class facilities have been set up in Lusaka, Kitwe and Solwezi to provide all-round service to its customers. Sany provided a one-stop mining equipment solution to Barrick’s Lumwana copper mine and the Sany equipment on site has proven a 95% availability. At Kafue Gorge Lower Hydro-power Station, the first large power project in the past 40 years in Zambia, Sany equipment has perfectly cast 300,000 cubic meters of concrete without any failure.

The Maputo-Katembe Bridge of Mozambique is the longest suspension bridge in Africa. Its 340,000 cubic meters of highly durable concrete were cast by only Sany equipment throughout the project with zero fault, which was honored with the Fulton Award. Cornelder, the terminal operator of the Port of Beira in Mozambique, has purchased more than 40 units of Sany sea port equipment with total value exceeding 20 million dollars. In 2012, one hundred Sany motor graders were handed over to Zinara , making it the largest-ever government procurement of construction equipment in Zimbabwe. In the same year, Sany handed over 14 units of mining dumper trucks and excavators to Hwange colliery, the largest coal miner in Zimbabwe.

Sany will consistently provide its customers with first-class products and service. Let us build a beautiful Africa hand in hand with its people and march into the “new age of confidence and hope” . Quality Changes the World.